Training Courses at the SLC

Parents and Teachers

SenseAbility is an intensive one day training course especially suited for parents and teachers who want understand the problems that can cause educational difficulties. Covering how the senses develop, how the sensory systems affect performance, what to look for and what can be done to help sensory problems and improve performance. The knowledge gained can be used at home or the movement and sensory training can be built into the curriculum. The course comes with extensive documentation.

Feedback and Comments from recent participants of our SenseAbility Training courses

“An action packed day”

“So thought provoking and a real eye-opener”

“This puts so many things I was sensing through my instinct into place”

“I can’t wait to get home and discover my child”

“This is only the beginning”

“Spread, spread, spread, information about this work”

Therapists & Practitioners

For those wanting to move into one-to-one therapeutic work with children or to integrate sensory training into their existing work, The Sound Learning Centre offer suitably qualified individuals Practitioner Training for Auditory Integration Training (AIT) and also Lightwave Stimulation (LWS). Both training courses are of 5 days duration.

We also offer a Sensory Development Programme – 3 Day Professional Course 

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