Standard Assessment

A Standard Assessment includes auditory and visual tests plus a neuro-developmental screening, tailored to the abilities of the client and backed-up by extensive observations and background information as provided by the client and/or carers. A Standard Assessment can take two to three hours. To ensure meaningful results, it is very important that the client is at ease and comfortable and we therefore allow for short breaks when required. You will receive immediate verbal feedback, followed by a comprehensive written report with supporting materials, which include practical advice on support at home, school or work.

A Standard Assessment is a stand-alone service and the information provided can be of great benefit to the client and/or carers. The report often serves as an aid in obtaining additional support from schools, colleges, or from health or social security authorities.

The Standard Assessment also forms the basis of our recommendations for our therapies and the test results are used to personalise the programmes to the clients individual needs. There is, however, absolutely no obligation to take any of the recommended programmes following an assessment.

A Standard Assessment, or an Auditory or Visual Part Assessment, must precede Auditory Integration Training (AIT) or Lightwave Stimulation (LWS) treatments.

We provide assessments at our London Centre and at times in other locations via one of our Outreach Programmes, which have included Scotland, Eire, the Isle of Man and the Middle East. Please contact us for details on fees and availability in any of these locations or see here for more information on how an assessment can help you.

Individual Tests

For most clients we recommend the Standard Assessment as this will allow us to obtain a full picture of the whole person, rather than a partial view of the presenting conditions.

There are however circumstances when Individual Tests are more appropriate and we offer a range of tests and observations as required.

Please contact us for details on fees and availability.

Neuro-developmental Assessment and Home Programme

The full diagnostic assessment for Neuro-developmental problems may take up to three hours. The tests cover gross and fine muscle co-ordination, balance, patterns of motor development, detection and analysis of primitive and postural reflexes, laterality, oculo-motor functions and visual perceptual ability. A detailed written report will be provided soon after completion of the assessment.

On the basis of this assessment, a personal programme of exercises is prepared for the client to carry out at home. We recommend that the client is reviewed at appropriate intervals during which progress is monitored and adjustments to the programme are made as required.

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