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Following AIT and LWS from Mother of 7 year old boy with no formal diagnosis but showing auditory processing difficulties.

I wondered if you would publish this on your website .....
My son Thomas was struggling at school and was 2 years behind. 
He had an assessment and then we went back for the ten days therapy. I must admit I was very sceptical and was not sure if we were wasting our money. 
I couldn’t have been more wrong! 
He has just had some tests at school and has shown improvement. He also seems to have matured and is much more chatty using lots of descriptive words and this is only two weeks after the ten days therapy. 
I would recommend this therapy to anybody and it’s money well spent. In fact I would now say you just cannot put a price on it! I am amazed and that’s something I don’t say often. 
Thank you to everyone there at the centre. 
Extremely grateful mother - eating humble pie!! 

Mother of an 8 year old boy.

I hope you remember me. This is Axxx, Mxxx's mum. We has just finished Mxxx's sound at light treatment at the end of August. I have been meaning to contact you, but haven't had the chance to. I'm quite shocked (and a bit scared) of the progress Mxxx has had, since commencing the sound and light treatment. I have noticed an increase in his focus/ attention skills; he is able to grasp concepts very quickly, including imitating adults and peers more. Most importantly, I have noticed a huge increase in his vocabulary size. School have also confided in me that they have noticed a huge difference in Mxxx; e.g, confidence, good use of language, attention etc. Behaviour wise, We haven't seen an improvement yet in his behaviour. Sensory wise, it's still the same and he has become a bit more rigid since finishing the treatment. But hopefully this is a phase. However, I must say, the light, especially the sound, have greatly helped Mxxx. As a parent, of a child with special needs, having been in a realm of specialist treatments, snake oils fabrications etc. I was very dubious, when first commencing the treatment. But I'm happy to say that the Sound Learning Centre have lived up to their word ! Especially the positive things we've heard from other parents. Thank you very much for your support, time and effort, whilst we were at the Sound Learning centre. The 10 days were a hard slog ! But it was worth it. Thanks again ! Axxx

Care worker with 4 year old autistic boy.

if you can change him, you can change anyone

Mother of 10 year old boy with spelling difficulties following AIT and LWS

He is like a different child. It is like he has had an injection of brain cells. Something has clicked!

7 year old boy with reading and writing difficulties

Definitely improved at school. 
"Mum I can hear everything" 
Reading can "see both lines without moving head "
In the car looking ahead "Mum you know I can see you without moving ahead"

Mother of 7 year old girl Mild autism and delayed language

Hello to you all
Just to let you know life at home with Pxxx is very good and family life is much improved since the visit to the centre. Pxxx is happier much more sociable now being the first to greet people. Her language has improved greatly and she responds much better to instructions and is happier to accept these. She is more focused and we no longer need to follow her round the house to make sure she is up to no good. She also appears for the first time appears to be recognising some written letters which is very exciting. She is not showing as much improvement at school but I hope with time this will filter through as this is a new situation to her and I am not sure the teachers fully know her yet. Thank you so much for all your support.

Best Wishes
- Sxxx

Mother of 4 year old boy with Auditory Processing Problem

Hello Pauline and Phil,
Mxxx is doing wonderfully - he is speaking in full sentences in both French and English, and while there are one or two sounds he still has trouble with and his grammar is a bit patchy, he has made about 3 years of progress in vocabulary and general speech in 5 months!  His behavioural issues have all but vanished, he is so happy in school and his new teacher hadn't actually noticed that he had speech difficulties at all by the end of his first day of class.  The results of the treatment have been just spectacular - far better than I had hoped.

Thank you so much for all your help - and Mxxx thanks you too!

Kind regards,

4 years later

Dear Pauline and Phil,
I was just referring (yet) another person to your website and enthusing about the difference you made for my son, Mxxx and thought I'd email you and tell you so as well! 

We came to see you about 5 years ago, when Mxxx as 4. He was unable to use more than about 20 words, couldn't follow simple instructions, relied on body language to understand and communicate and was subject to terrible fits of rage and frustration at his inability to understand and communicate.  He had been misdiagnosed by two different psychologists as autistic spectrum/ PDD-NOS.  His pre-school had refused to take him back for a second year (we were living in France at the time, where preschool starts at age 3) for being "difficult" and "refusing to follow directions", and no other school would accept him without an educational shadow.

We began to see results within 3 days of starting your 10-day Berard + light therapy programme, as he suddenly began to talk.  Today, he is working at or above grade level in every academic area, is calm and reasonable and easy to get on with, makes friends easily and has a vocabulary well above his age level - you would never know that he had ever had a problem. He is profoundly dyslexic, but after your programme plus working intensively with him at home using the first 3 boxes of the Barton Reading and Spelling system to build his phonemic awareness (it was effectively at zero when we started) and to give him a basic understanding of spelling rules, he is now on book 4 of the Harry Potter series - somewhat to the dismay of his teacher, who thinks it should be too difficult for him!  His small motor control has also improved to the point that handwriting is his favourite subject.

Thank you so much for everything - you saved my son from a life of frustration, isolation and academic failure.  Thank you!

Very kind regards


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