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Many physical capabilities can easily be recognised and at birth and during post-natal check-ups babies will be assessed on a number of key indicators. Some physical limitations are of a ‘mechanical’ nature, where the body has not developed according to plan.


Many parents may worry about their child’s hearing, especially when a child is too young to communicate verbally. Although there is usually no need for concern, we do need to be aware that hearing is a critical part of a child’s development.


How we perceive such chemical substances as odours is a mystery that, until recently, defeated most attempts to solve it. Anatomical studies showed that signals from the olfactory cells in the nose reach the olfactory area of the cortex (the higher functioning part of the brain) after only a single relay within the brain.

Speech and Language

Although we have five direct senses (hearing, vision, touch, smell and taste) that ensure we can acquire information, there are only two main channels though which we can express ourselves, our body and our voice. The ability to understand and use language is one of the key developmental milestones that every parent looks forward to and any deficiencies in speech and language will be a major concern.


Although learning starts in the womb and is a life-long process, many so-called learning difficulties show themselves when a child goes to nursery or school for the first time. For some people learning difficulties continue to be a battle throughout life.


By performance in the context of our work we mean the effective application of the inherent abilities, skills and experiences in everyday life. Consciously we may know that a particular line of action is not very useful, but still feel compelled to do it. Impulsive reactions seem to be even harder to control or change.


Emotions can provide us with both the biggest joys in life as well as the greatest pains. Some people will try to dampen down their emotions and lead a controlled life without extremes on either side, while others will yo-yo between ultimate up’s and desperate down’s.

Developmental Delay

People go through a large number of developmental stages. For many stages, developmental milestones have been described which children are expected to reach a certain age. However, a wide variety of ages can be considered normal – remember: development is a stage, not an age!

What we do

Light Therapy

In addition to its role in vision, light exerts strong effects on behaviour. Its powerful role in the modulation of mood is well established, yet remains poorly understood. There are physiological mechanisms, such as the pathway for light’s effects on the endocrine system through the retino-hypothalamic tract, which provide a scientific basis for beginning to understand the critical ways that light influences performance.