Case Studies

Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend’s success

- Oscar Wilde

  On this page we provide a number of outline case studies of actual clients of The Sound Learning Centre. We have grouped them under the following headings:

  • Auditory Integration Training (AIT) & Lightwave Stimulation (LWS)
  • Auditory Integration Training (AIT)
  • Lightwave Stimulation (LWS)
  • Neuro-developmental Programme (NDP)

We feel deeply humbled by the dedication and love of the parents who often have to give their all to ensure that their child can develop and grow to become a fully functioning adult later in life. We cannot promise miracles and always encourage clients to research and question any solutions offered, including our own.

Proper information and knowledge is the key to obtain lasting results. We hope this website helps you in your quest for a brighter future. Please Contact us for further information, to make an appointment or a free telephone consultation. 

Auditory Integration Training (AIT) & Lightwave Stimulation (LWS)

C1TN: A 10 year old boy

He presented with sensitive hearing, visual perceptual difficulties and low self-esteem. He lost speech at 14 months of age and did not speak again until he was 2½ years old. After AIT and LWS treatment at the Centre he continued to have one more additional series of LWS at home. His Mother observed a significant increase in his reading rate and reduction in errors. Prior to treatment he used to get many words wrong. He would attempt to guess and make lots of mistakes. He is very happy because he sees the difference and can now focus, hear and understand things clearly.

“He is like a different child. It is like he has had an injection of brain cells. Something has clicked! His reading is brilliant, he can sight read words correctly, for instance Philosophy, Philanthropist, etc.”

Mother, immediately after finishing the light treatment at home.

B11TR: A 9 year old girl

She presented with dyslexia, very low self esteem, and a constant need to go to the toilet. She became lively, energetic, and happy after just one day of treatment. She no longer needed to go to the toilet so often.

“During the treatment, we could see her changing before our eyes”  Parents

“I have been given a new life. I feel like I have gone through a tunnel and have come out happy and clever”  The Child

B10SO: Adult male

He presented with low self esteem and suffered from irrational fears. Although intelligent, he was failing accountancy exams repeatedly. His visual fields were initially restricted, with the left eye below 10 degrees. The Lightwave Stimulation improved them so dramatically that he undertook 2 more series of treatment which extended the visual fields to the range of 30-50 degrees. He lost the shadows under his eyes, became more confident and alert and passed his accountancy exams.

“I felt the clouds in my mind were definitely clearing away. People commented to me that I looked ‘brightened up’ and more animated”. Client

Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

4½ Year old girl who lost speech and ability to walk following unexplained seizure

"The AIT therapy is the one therapy of numerous ones we have tried that has delivered results instantly and continues to. Amongst the results we saw a huge decline in her holding her ears, more tolerance of noise, clearer pronunciation, better attention, improved focus & concentration, more awareness, more words… the list goes on daily. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner and lost precious intervention time in doing so!" 

Mother also wrote that Axxx "has had so many gains" and is "doing so well since AIT".  "I remain astonished at how tolerant she has become of noise!"  More detailed information on Post page. Report from mother.

B1SM: 10 year old boy

“The effect of the treatment is brilliant. He is a different boy. He is thinking for himself and his work is coming on very well. His teacher is amazed at the difference. His temper tantrums have stopped.” Report from parents

B2FM: 7 year old boy

“I could not understand how a child this dyslexic could improve in reading and spelling so dramatically in such a short period.” Educational Psychologist

B3MS: 8½ year old girl

“Everything was blurred before. Now I can hear myself in class without having to wait to see what the others are doing.” The Child Her parents say she is more confident and alive, no longer frustrated and angry. Three months later, her teachers and Brownie mistress reported that marked improvements were continuing to occur.

B4EM: 8 year old boy who had very painful hearing

“I have never seen such improvements in a child and am amazed by his spelling progress.” Dyslexia teacher at Addenbrooke’s Hospital His grandmother (and guardian) reported that he was no longer aggressive and had stopped punching, kicking, hitting and threatening.

B5KD: A 3 year old boy had no speech but knew how to scream

Within a couple of days he started using words comprehensibly and meaningfully and he also started relating to his father whom he had previously avoided.

B6HN: 4½ year old boy

Astounded his parents by leaping from isolated words to “I love you Mummy” and “I love you Daddy”.   

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Lightwave Stimulation (LWS)

B9EH: Adult Male

He presented with severe reading and writing difficulties, very poor vision, difficulty functioning by day and general lack of confidence. He could only read pink papers with any ease (i.e. The Financial Times and Loot) and claimed that he had never read a book in his life. We found that he had very restricted visual fields which after light therapy expanded from 10 degrees to 25 degrees. He re-established a normal sleeping pattern, became more confident and alert, was able to perform better, and passed his HND exams with flying colours, coming top of his class.

B12NA: A 9 year old boy

He presented with distorted features and body movements and constant and violent temper tantrums. His features relaxed almost immediately and his handwriting improved significantly. His tantrums have abated and his behaviour is now sufficiently predictable for him to be entrusted with flag carrying for the Scouts public parade. His mother, a special needs teacher, was delighted with his transformation which continued over many months.

Neuro-developmental Programme (NDP)

B13EC: An 11 year old boy

After significant improvement with learning difficulties from AIT, NDP brought improvement to his balance, physical coordination, and handwriting.

B14AS: A 9 year old girl

She presented with severe balance and coordination problems. After NDP, she improved so much that she delights in skiing and performing on a fun cycle.

B15NB: An adult female in her late 20’s

She suffered from agoraphobia and panic attacks with disabling physical symptoms. Within weeks, she was able to go out alone and was working more effectively. Physical symptoms diminished.

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