How the Sensory Systems Impact our Journey Through Life

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How the Sensory Systems Impact our Journey Through Life_Page 1379 to 1384_Proceedings_AIC2021.pdf

"AIC 14th Congress Milano 2021"
Human function is predicated on sensory systems performance.

Sensory difficulties are often 'hidden disabilities' difficult for those 'without them’, to understand those ‘with them'.

Efficient, integrated, systems are needed for optimum function. Disintegrated, inefficient, over-loaded systems are unable to accurately process sensory information affecting performance.

Frequently present, in those with learning difficulties, they cause behaviours leading to labels. The 'underlying reasons' are often poorly recognised, misunderstood, ignored, or attributed to 'behavioural problems'.

Assessments establish baseline function using formal tests or critical observations. Therapies, such as Lightwave Stimulation (LWS) - coloured pulsed light to help address light sensitivity and light processing deficiencies, Auditory Integration Training (AIT) - to help improve auditory processing and reduce over and under sensitivity to sound, Neuro-developmental Programme (NDP) - a sensory integration programme to inhibit Primitive Reflexes enabling Postural Reflexes emergence for development to progress. These therapies help improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic performance.

The full paper 'How the Sensory Systems Impact our Journey Through Life' in the conference proceedings as pages 1379 - 1384. 
The links below will access copies of all the papers for this years congress held in Milan, Italy, 30 August - 3 September, 2021. 
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The International Colour Association (AIC) has a wealth of information about colour on their website with PDF files of their proceedings dating back to 1957. It is well worth a visit. They run regular conferences and this year it was an on-line event.