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Having a Diagnosis can be a great relief but often it tells parents nothing about how to help. Whether it is Asperger’s, autism, dyslexia or dyspraxia we look beyond the label. Read How an Assessment can help you.


The dedicated staff at The Sound Learning Centre investigate the speech & language problems of each child. Seeking to understand their individual needs and problems rather than applying labels such as ADHD, Development Delay or Sensory Integration Dysfunction.

A child’s Behaviour is often misunderstood. Poor Behaviour is dismissed as being naughty but it can be a response to a noise, a smell or how something feels.

Our staff look beyond a child’s behaviour to understand how their senses are driving their emotions, academic performance and learning.

Finding The Cause of sensory problems such as balance or sensory processing is the first step in selecting the right help for your child.

The sensory processing of information an individual gathers from the environment impacts on behaviour.

Our assessment process looks for these causes using clinical, objective tests of primitive reflexes, vision, hearing and vestibular development.

Treatment starts with a detailed assessment to understand your child and their problems. Our skilled and experienced staff use this knowledge to find the right sound or light programme, usually run over 10 days at our London centre. Alternatively a home based, movement programme may be better suited.

The Sound Learning Centre was established in 1994 and has 24 years experience of assessing and treating children and adults with a wide range of education and development problems. Our research, case studies and media coverage demonstrate how children and adults improve through our treatments. As well as providing assessments and therapies at our Centre we have provided Outreach Programmes to schools or private groups both in the UK and overseas. We have regular open house days and training courses for parents and professionals wanting to know more. If you have other queries please see our Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us directly.

Medical Disclaimer-Please note: These are not medical interventions and we are not medically trained. Our experience shows that our clients have experienced improvements in social, emotional, behavioural or academic performance following our sensory therapies. However we do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, medical condition or any other physical or mental disorder and always recommend that clients consult their medical practitioners as appropriate and do their own research before commencing any of our therapies.

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